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Meet our Porsche Pro's

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What is a Porsche Pro?

We understand that choosing your dream Porsche is not an experience that can be rushed, and sometimes you’ll have a long list of questions that need answering, and some exciting decisions to make, before you can even begin to think about talking numbers. We also know that if you’re about to buy your first Porsche, it’s often the realisation of a long-held dream. The significance of this moment can’t be understated, and we don’t take it lightly either. This is where our Porsche Pro comes in.

Matching the right Porsche to every individual and making sure it’s built to the right specification, with the perfect options, requires time and experience. With their encyclopaedic knowledge of the brand, technology and products, our Porsche Pro will be there to guide and advise, sharing unique insights and relevant details to make sure you’re confident that you’re making the right decisions.

A visit to our Porsche Centre is never about a purchase alone. It’s about becoming part of the Porsche family, and it should always be an experience to remember. Whether you’re an owner with questions about your car, or considering buying but unsure about the right model or option for you, our Porsche Pro can offer impartial advice and inspiration. They’ll even be delighted simply to chat about cars with a fellow enthusiast.

Meet our Porsche Pro's

Tristan Morton

Tristan Morton

“Hi, I’m Tristan, a Porsche Pro here at Porsche Centre Colchester.

I started at Porsche Centre Colchester in December 2016. Initially in the parts department, then I moved into the customer experience and since May 2021 I started as a Porsche Pro.

From a young age I have always loved Porsche as a brand, and I still have multiple drawings of Porsche from back then, and the fascination has only ever grown since.

The highlight of my role is helping create bespoke cars for the customer, even with things they may not think is possible. I also enjoy helping customers to understand more about their new Porsche. These cars have so much technology, sometimes there are things it can do you would not expect. After a Masterclass, I enjoy knowing the customer has left feeling that their car is more personal to them, and will make the day-to-day driving more enjoyable.

My dream Porsche would be a 930 911 Turbo in Guards Red as it has always been the exact model I think of when Porsche is mentioned.”

Joseph Buckman

Joseph Buckman

"Hi, I'm Joe, I'm a Porsche Pro here at Porsche Centre Colchester.

I joined Porsche Colchester in November, which although is not that long ago, it feels like I have been here for much longer, and during this time, learnt so much.

The highlight of my role so far has been helping customers build their dream Porsche - being involved in the process throughout. I find it very rewarding to not only seeing customers collect their car, showing them all the technology which these cars have, but also sharing a passion. Knowing customers have left with more insight of their car for me is a key element of the whole buying experience. I love talking all things Porsche, whether that be technology, specification, or history – they are always very insightful and interesting conversations.

My favourite Porsche would be a 992 GT3 Touring in Dark Olive Metallic, or a Porsche 911 Classic."

Yana Fedotova

Yana Fedotova

"Hi, I'm Yana, a Porsche Pro here at Porsche Centre Colchester.

I have been with Porsche for around a year, during my final year of university I joined the team at Porsche Centre Colchester for work experience, after that I had the opportunity to be onboarded full time as a customer service team member. In May 2023 I was delighted to be given the opportunity to transition into the Porsche Pro role, although I have only been here for around a year, I feel like I have been representing the brand to all my friends and family for years.

My favourite part of the role is sharing the excitement of our customers when helping to configure their dream Porsche, there are always so many interesting stories behind the creation of each car.

Porsche has been a passion of mine since a young age. I’ve hung up the Porsche calendar every year for as long as I can remember, and always admired the cars when they drove by.

The Porsche that has most caught my eye would have to be a Cayenne Turbo GT, however the new model is unfortunately not available in the UK market, however I am also very much looking forward to the launch of the Macan EV!"

Porsche Pro

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