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Porsche 924 Le Mans Edition Restoration Update

Porsche 924 Le Mans Edition Classic Restoration Update


Our 924 Le Mans Classic Restoration Competition entry is progressing nicely, although we still have a long way to go. The car was initially stripped down completely and the transmission, engine, gearbox, suspension and interior all removed for cleaning and repair.

The body shell was sent to our Porsche Recommended Repairers at Witham where they removed the doors and wings ready for repair and re-spray. The body shell was subjected to intensive cleaning before being prepared, primed and re-sprayed in its original colour. The engine bay has also been re-painted ready for the restored engine to be installed.

Whilst the car has been at Witham our dedicated team of technicians have been busy repairing, or where necessary replacing, suspension bushes, steering rack joints, engine parts and interior items like carpets, the dashboard and transmission tunnel. When it came to the seats, we sourced an upholsterer who had enough of the original material to re-cover them completely, which now looks fantastic.

Our mechanical team are now restoring items back onto the restored shell and hope to complete this by 30 June. The rolling shell will then go back to Witham to have all the panels re-fitted. Then the snagging and final cleaning will take place.

Please check back here for further updates over the coming weeks or go to the Classic Restoration Competition live stream .